Participation Fees

Early registration (by 30. Jun.)Late registration (by 19. Aug.)
Member ESMTB/SMB400€Member ESMTB/SMB500€
Student Member ESMTB/SMB300€Student Member ESMTB/SMB400€
Online Regular150€Online Regular150€
Online Member ESMTB/SMB 90€Online Member ESMTB/SMB 90€
Information on how to become a member of the societies can be found on the respective ESMTB and SMB webpages. As a member of either society, one can apply for travel support: ESMTB or SMB. Additional sources of travel funding, if eligible, include EMS, SIAM, AWM or DAAD (page only in German, but one can find more details on eligibility and application procedures here).
For further information on the general services for a congress, please click here.